Research visit – Dr. Hino

March 22, 2023

On March 16th the BECRP was visited by Dr Kimihiro Hino, an associate Professor and urban engineer from the University of Tokyo.

Dr. Hinos research centers around crime prevention, and health promotion through environmental design.

During his recent visit to Melbourne, Dr. Hino met with Prof. Cerin (BECRP Leader, ICHEN Founder) to discuss his recent 1000 cities trial undertaken in 9 Japanese Cities, and to collaborate and share ideas for future research.

The 1000 cities challenge was developed by the Global Observatory of Healthy and Sustainable Cities (of which Prof. Cerin is on the Executive committee) and aims to support the measurement of the health and sustainability of urban environments for 1000+ cities worldwide.

Joining them for the discussion were Carl Higgs (RMIT and Executive committee member of the Global Observatory) and Jo O’Byrne (Department of Transport and Planning).

Jo provided some much-needed perspective from an urban planner’s point of view and Carl’s in-depth knowledge of the 1000 cities challenge elevated the meetings potential. All in all, it was a productive afternoon filled with the sharing of ideas and building on old, and new partnerships. The BECRP hopes to see Dr. Hino again later in the year when he visits Australia for his sabbatical.