Below is a list of publications associated with ICHEN:


Environment and Cognitive Health

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Environment and Cardiometabolic Health 

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Environment and Cognitive Health

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Environment and Lifestyle Behaviours 

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Cognitive Health

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Environment and Cardiometabolic Health

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Health and Disease

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Environment-lifestyle behaviours

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Environment – mental health / quality of life

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Environment and cognitive health

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Cognitive health

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Lifestyle Behaviours and Cardiometabolic Health 

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Environment Measurement

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Environment-lifestyle behaviours

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Environment – mental health / quality of life

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Environment and cognitive health

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Cognitive health

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Environment Measurement

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Environment-lifestyle behaviours

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Environment Cardiovascular Health

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Environment – mental health / quality of life

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Lifestyle behaviours- cognitive health

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Environment and cognitive health

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Cognitive health

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Environment- Lifestyle behaviours 

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Environment – cardiometabolic health

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Lifestyle behaviours – cardiometabolic health

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Lifestyle behaviours- cognitive health

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Environment and cognitive health

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Cognitive health

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Environment Measurement

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Urban design – lifestyle behaviours

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Urban design – mental health

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Lifestyle behaviours – cognitive health

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Urban design – brain health

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Urban design – mobility behaviour

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Urban design – lifestyle behaviours

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Urban design – mental health

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Lifestyle behaviours – cardiometabolic health

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