Research Summaries, Briefs, and Infographics

The Urban Environment and Cardiovascular Health

Research Paper:

Associations of the neighbourhood built and natural environment with cardiometabolic health indicators: A cross-sectional analysis of environmental moderators and behavioural mediators

The complex effects of our neighbourhoods on quality of life

Research Paper:

Associations of neighbourhood environmental attributes and socio-economic status with health-related quality of life in urban mid-aged and older adults: mediation by physical activity and sedentary behaviour.

How we percieve our neighbourhoods can influence our lives more than we know

Research Paper:

How the perceived neighbourhood environment influences active living in older dwellers of an Asian ultra-dense metropolis

Does our neighbourhood impact our cognitive health?

Research Paper:

Characteristics of urban neighbourhood environments and cognitive age in mid-age and older adults

High levels of air pollution weaken the positive health benefits of neighbourhood environments

Research Paper:

Do neighbourhood traffic-related air pollution and socio-economic status moderate the associations of the neighbourhood physical environment with cognitive function? Findings from the AusDiab study

Determining the Minimum Threshold for walkable cities

Research Paper:

Determining thresholds for spatial urban design and transport features that support walking to create healthy and sustainable cities: findings from the IPEN Adult study

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