An International Visitor

November 22st, 2023

James F. Sallis, a Professorial Fellow at the Australian Catholic University and co-founder of the International Physical Activity and Environment Network ( IPEN ) recently made a long overdue visit to Melbourne. He is a member of the Behaviour, Environment and Cognition Research Program and has a long-standing connection with Program Leader Ester Cerin.

His work focuses on promoting physical activity and understanding policy and environmental factors that influence physical activity, nutrition, and obesity. Prof. Sallis is the co-founder of the International Physical Activity and Environment Network (IPEN), which conducts coordinated studies of adults and adolescents in various countries. IPEN was established to invite and support investigators worldwide in research exploring the impact of our environment on physical activity. IPEN was part of the inspiration behind the creation of ICHEN. The Behaviour, Environment and Cognitive Research Program is the coordinating center for both IPEN and ICHEN.

Left to right: James (Jim) Sallis, Ester Cerin, Anthony Barnett

Despite residing in America, Dr. Sallis was welcomed into the BEC team here in Melbourne with open arms. During his visit, Professor Sallis immersed himself in the vibrant (and hectic!) environment of the BEC research program, engaging with team members and contributing his extensive knowledge to ongoing projects.

Professor Ester Cerin, the Program Lead and ICHEN founder, worked extensively with Professor Sallis on IPEN. They discussed the future of the network and upcoming publications.

Professor Sallis also had the opportunity to work with our Communication Manager on the long-awaited revamp of the IPEN website. The new website will result in a more user-friendly, and visually appealing platform, poised to showcase the groundbreaking work of IPEN to a global audience.

Beyond the confines of our research building, Prof Sallis was able to explore Melbourne with gusto- hiking the outskirts of Victoria, soaking in the cityscape, and enjoying reunions with old friends and colleagues. We look forward to more regular visits with Jim in the future.