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Determining the minimum thresholds for walkable cities

Research Articles: Determining thresholds for spatial urban design and transport features that support walking to create healthy and sustainable cities: findings from the IPEN Adult study

Authors: Prof Ester Cerin, Prof James F Sallis, Deborah Salvo, Prof Erica Hinckson, Terry L Conway, Prof Neville Owen, Prof Delfien van Dyck, Melanie Lowe, Carl Higgs, Prof Anne Vernez Moudon, Marc A Adams,  Kelli L Cain, Lars Breum Christiansen, Prof Rachel Davey Jan Dygrýn, Prof Lawrence D Frank, Prof Rodrigo Reis, Prof Olga L Sarmiento, Deepti Adlakha, Geoff Boeing, Shiqin Liu, Prof Billie Giles-Corti

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