Access to PT

Who has a PT stop within 15 min of there home?
Me! But I rarely use it and often opt to drive instead
Me! I use it most of the time
No, my closest PT stop is way to far away

Public transport can help decrease our reliance on cars, making it an excellent way to reduce traffic related air pollution, and help build a more sustainable city. PT is also frequently coupled with active transport, as often it can involve waking or cycling to PT stops. A recent study published in The Lancet determined that at least 28 public transport stops/km2 were associated with people having at least an 80% probability of walking for transport.  Therefore, choosing PT as one’s mode of transport can increase daily levels of physical activity, which has added mental and cognitive benefits.

However, not all neighborhoods have a PT stop within walking distance, making individuals more likely to resort to their cars to get themselves around. There is often an inequality when it comes to PT stops, with areas closer to the CBD having more ample PT within there neighborhoods compared to suburbs further away.

Also, whilst some neighborhoods have easy access to PT, residents may still choose not to use it. Why? Does it take too long? Is it too infrequent? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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